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Five Ways to Work Out With the In Crowd

Spring’s top five achingly trendy gym classes verge on elitist—but may deliver the workout you’ve been looking for.

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Ten Exotic Retreats to Jump-Start Your Fitness Resolutions

The holidays are great and all. In December. But come January you're going to be wishing for something a little less manic. And a little more exotic.

Consider taking a cue from Stephen Cheuk, the Australian-born New Yorker who owns the exclusive S10 Training club in lower Manhattan. Cheuk has figured out how to get away from it all at just the right time of year but without losing his legendary-in-some-circles muscle tone and agility: Start a posh, invite-only fitness retreat in the jungle, and invite all of your fashion and artist friends to join you.

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How an exclusive Tribeca gym helps clients optimize their lives

Stephen Cheuk is founder of S10 Training in Tribeca, and attention to detail plus a strong dose of self-discipline is his magic formula. The S10 system hinges on achieving an optimal body fat index — sub-10% for men, sub-15% for women — via weight-heavy training tactics and nutrition planning.

S10's unique approach, in conjunction with lots of personalization and design-savvy, has attracted a bevy of exclusive clients.

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NY Times

A New York Trainer to Men About Town

Brendan Fallis, the D.J., entrepreneur and fashion model who is engaged to Hannah Bronfman, had a conundrum that many men concerned with fitness and style can relate to.

“I wanted to be in better shape, but I didn’t want to change my wardrobe, because suddenly I’d have to buy all new clothes if I really beefed up,” said Mr. Fallis, 36, a former competitive skier who favors slim-cut jeans and trim-fitting jackets.

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Ralph Lauren Magazine

Reengineering the Workout

Among New York’s advertising and fashion elite, the semiprivate workout sessions at S10 Training are a sort of open secret.

S10 founder Stephen Cheuk’s technique targets body fat with a vengeance, and relies on a grueling mix of muscle-confusing workouts to ensure that no area of the physique goes unchallenged.

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Athos: The Future of Training is Now

These compression shorts are made by a start-up called Athos and contain embedded EMG sensors that feed information on muscle effort and activation to an app on the user’s phone, allowing lab-quality monitoring of one’s own workout. The matching compression top launches this spring, alongside special partnerships with some of the country’s most elite trainers, like Stephen Cheuk, whose New York gym S10 is photographed here. Using Athos, Cheuk is able to instruct trainees on how to better activate the right muscles for the right exercise — plus tell if they’re cheating the movement.

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Miss Bish

Mr. BISH Stephen Cheuk | Founder of S10 Training

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being killed slowly by Stephen Cheuk of S10 Training in TriBeCa, you most likely limp away, broken by his original style of training, and think to yourself “why the f*ck do I keep paying to let myself be tortured?”

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Guest of a Guest

Tips on Losing Winter Weight from the Fitness Experts at S10 Training

Yes, the weather this winter has the equivalent of the stench of week old Chinese Food; unpleasant and lingering. So no one blames you for losing some of the motivation to brave the elements and go to the gym, even if it is in your building. However, festival and beach season is right around the corner, so we spoke with S10’s Joe Holder on the five ways to win the battle when shedding the winter weight.

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Teen Vogue

Hannah Bronfman and Her Trainer Have 3 His and Hers Workouts for You

This week, our special guest health and fitness contributor, Hannah Bronfman enlisted Stephen Cheuk of New York City personal training studio, S10—that go-to trainer of hers she raves about—to share a few fun workouts that you can do with your partner.

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New York Magazine

Best of New York

S10 stands for sub-10 percent body fat, and founder Stephen Cheuk works obsessively toward that goal for his classes of no more than eight people ($50). He starts with height, weight, and body-fat measurements for every client, as well as an early assessment of mobility, flexibility, and strength observed through a series of basic exercises (lunges, planks, squats).

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Harpers Bazaar

The Body Shrinking Workout

Although many women obsess about their weight, what they really want to gain from constant workouts and cutting carbs is less fat. So the scale can be deceiving. "You don't know how much of that number is muscle and how much is fat—and muscle weighs more," says Jinger Gottschall, an associate professor of kinesiology at Penn State University.

Enter S10 Training, a new workout method that stands for sub-10, because the goal is not to concern yourself with your scale but to focus instead on lowering your body fat below 10 percent (recommended for men; women are encouraged to achieve 15 percent).

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The Coveteur

The Four Biggest Fitness Trends of 2015

For those among us who are motivated by measurable, numeric results, S10 is likely just the thing to soothe your left-brained tendencies. Tribeca's S10 Training's programming is based around the belief that the idea percentage of body fat is roughly 10% and focuses on getting clients down to that number—or as close as humanly possible.

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Cool Hunting

Reaching Optimal Body Composition with S10 Training

A block below the downtown Canal Street subway stop in Manhattan is a space lacking any signage on Walker Street. Passersby—unable to see clearly through the blue-tinted windows—walk in, and are greeted by a large-scale photograph by artist Jim Mangan. Lime-washed brick walls on one side and painstakingly polished Venetian plaster on the other, subtle James Turrell-inspired lighting toward the back and the lack of any receptionist, generic techno music (instead, it's Frank Ocean), or tell-tale cardio machines, has confused more than a few about the identity of the one-year-old boutique gym, S10 Training.

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Harpers Bazaar

The Hottest Workouts for 2014

A guide to the best fitness classes in the country for the year ahead.

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Qantas Travel Insider

New York: 10 Luxe Experiences

Sam Todd is the managing editor at GrandLife Hotels, dedicated to downtown New York. Todd curates an insider’s guide with some of the city’s most notable names and influencers. Here Todd lets us in on 10 luxe experiences to have in New York.

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Featured Bloomingdales Style Icon

With clientele that includes some of the biggest names in fashion and design, S<10 is THE place to work out in New York. It's easy to see why, what with its James Turrell-inspired lighting and modern, minimalist space.

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Sneaker Report

An Hour at S10 Fitness with the Fashion Industry’s Favorite Trainer.

First, a mea culpa to trainer and owner of S10 fitness center Stephen Cheuk: I am sorry that I was an hour late to our first session. Thank you for understanding and rescheduling with nary an eye roll or guilt trip. Now that that’s been taken care of, let me introduce to Stephen himself, a veteran of Equinox and Gotham Gym, who opened his own space just a couple months ago because, as we all know, big crowded fitness centers can suck.

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Spring Shape-Up Secrets From the Fashion Crowd’s Favorite New Gym.

Rare is the gym that can be described as aesthetically pleasing. Yet that’s just what the trainer Stephen Cheuk has assembled at S10 Training, his recently opened fitness center in the TriBeCa neighborhood in New York.

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Tribeca's chic new workout spot for fashion execs and athletes.

Former Gotham Gym trainer Stephen Cheuk just opened his own space, S10 Training, in Tribeca. And the chic, high-design downtown workout destination is drawing both Soho fashion execs and endurance athletes. Cheuk hired interior designer Samuel Amoia to outfit the space, and Amoia customized every detail beneath the high ceilings and between the white-washed brick walls.

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