Welcome to S10

It’s generally agreed that the optimum body fat index is around 10% for health and body composition. Our aim is to get you to S10 (sub 10% body fat) as effectively as possible.

Through proven methods of weight-training and nutrition protocols we want to see you reach your goals in strength, health and appearance.

Private Spa

We provide a state of the art facility using premium products to help you recover. Spas can be used to unwind, recover after strength training or to help detox and restore body and mind.


Through sensory deprivation, remove yourself from the day to day noise and distraction while restoring the body through salts and minerals.

Movement Therapy

We Enhance Human Movement and Function by identifying movement dysfunction and tension imbalance.

We test, treat, train "Individual" motion as a whole, not by parts or structures.

We Listen to the individual needs.

We Communicate and Educate our clients so we can work together towards their goals.


An intelligently planned training program is a solid first step to reaching your body composition goals. However, you can't out train a crappy diet. This is where a well designed nutritional plan comes in.


We have partnered with some of the top doctors in the US for consultation to enhance your training and recovery program.

Recovery Bar

Enhance your visit to S10 with protein smoothies, coffee, and tea available at our cafe.