Meet the Squad

Stephen Cheuk - S10 Training
Stephen Cheuk


Creator of the S10 System, stressing bodyfat percentage and strength for body transformations, Stephen has trained professional athletes, military elite and celebrities. S10 is forged from his extensive health and nutrition education.

Ariel Foxie - S10 Training
Ariel Foxie

Mobility & Conditioning

A former national Physique competitor, Ariel is expert in training for aesthetics and body composition. Balanced with his interest in martial arts and mobility, his reality-based approach creates a lifestyle of peak physical well-being.

Nick Herodotou - S10 Training
Nick Herodotou

Body Composition & Strength

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Nick comes with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. He has worked with national champion snowboarders, kayakers for the 2016 Rio Olympics, models, office workers, stay at home moms, and rehab clients. He holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Psychophysiology, accreditations in PICP Strength and Conditioning (Level 3), Athletes Performance, PIMST, Olympic lifting, Biosignature Modulation and has a Diploma of Advanced Nutritional Medicine. Nick specializes in body composition transformation for those wanting to change their body shape, strength, and conditioning for athletes.

Pierre Batraville - S10 Training
Pierre Batraville

Strength, Body Composition & Endurance

Pierre comes from the old school holistic approach. Simplicity in training. Whole food nutrition is key and hard work is necessary. Custom structuring a program for each client and tracking progress is essential. He is NASM certified and specializes in body composition, strength, and endurance.

Eddison Brown - S10 Training
Eddison Brown

Strength, Body Composition & Performance

Where movement meets life. As a fitness model, certified trainer, and athelitic background in soccer, basketball, and track & field. Coach Eddison understands the importance of combining healthy nutrition, precise training, and the right mindset. He helps transform his clients while giving them the positive boost they need to succeed.

Kyle Prandi - S10 Training
Kyle Prandi

Strength, Body Composition & Performance

Kyle has an extensive background in gymnastics and diving and has previously represented the United States at the Summer Olympics. He brings his knowledge and prior training techniques, incorporating strength and conditioning and shares it with his clients. Having trained and competed at such a high level, Kyle knows what it takes to get results and understands how to push his clients to achieve theirs.

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Train with with your friends or others who are working toward the same goals. Small groups run through periodized weight training programs designed for maximizing body composition (ie. you’ll look good), strength, and health. You get the benefits of informal assesments from our coaches and the feel the energy of small group training.

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Achieve your goals. Train 1-on-1 with our coaches and receive personalized, results-direct training. We’ll assess you regularly for strength, body-composition, lifestyle and diet to properly track your acheivements. We’ll push you through programs that will get you where you want to be. You’ll learn correct form, nutrition protocols and training programs that will give you the confidence to train by yourself too.

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Memberships to S10 are vetted and limited to 100 only. Members are generally clients and have a knowledge of S10 form and etiquette. We cap our membership numbers to a ensure the gym is never too busy.

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We test and measure your progress regularly.
That's how we know you are getting the results you want.