Personalized Nutrition

An intelligently planned training program is a solid first step to reaching your body composition goals. However, you can't out train a crappy diet. This is where a well designed nutritional plan comes in.

Using the S10 system, we will help you promote long term fitness and overall health. You may have a social event coming up that you’d like to wear certain clothing to or maybe you want to compete in a race or event. You'll finally be able to break through dietary plateau's and discover the best nutritional approach that works for YOU.

Whether you want to improve your performance, drop body fat or just improve your overall health, we can help you reach your goals using sustainable and proven methods in a supportive environment.

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Your Nutrition Counseling Includes

  • How to shop for food
  • Meal planning
  • Reading food labels
  • Strategies to deal with emotional eating and individual topics such as food intolerances/allergies

After a thorough evaluation of your past and present beliefs surrounding food choices, cultural influences, eating behaviors, and activity levels, you will be presented with an individualized, comprehensive plan on how to reach your goals in the most optimal way possible.

S10 Training Recovery Nutrition

Why Nutrition Matters

Being well nourished while feeling emotionally satisfied by the food we eat are not mutually exclusive. We know it can be extremely challenging when you read conflicting information. One on one nutritional consultations are great for those who have been trying to diet on their own with limited success or who want to learn a sustainable, evidence-based approach to their eating and nutritional goals.

We don't follow the latest fads and instead focus on the client by meeting them where they're at and then customizing a nutrition plan to fit their individual lifestyle, biochemistry, and goals. This is accomplished by investigating things like genetic predisposition, root causes, psychological, physiological and external factors that all contribute to your success with a given dietary intervention.


Service Experience Price
Initial Session - One Hour Nutritional assessment, review of 3 day food log, medical hx review, nutrition education, individualized plan based on personal goals $195
Follow Up Check In Session - 30 Mins Review of progress and goal checkpoints, tweaking dietary approach where needed, deeper nutrition education, future planning $115
InBody (Add On) $40-50
Phone Check In (Add On) 5-10 minute phone check ins $120 for 5 sessions
3 Day Meal Plan (Add On) 3 day meal plan based on food log/goals $125 (can be added to initial consult for $75) $75-125

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