Bloomberg - These Are the Cult Gyms Where New Yorkers Are Shredding Their Bodies Right Now

Founded by an Australian fitness expert Stephen Cheuk three years ago, S10 Training limits its membership to 100, and each class is either completely private or semi-private. If you're hand-selected to go, you'll see rappers, actors, models, and a bevy of fashion editors working out alongside you. The name comes from the club's stated goal of getting you below 10 percent body fat—so expect rigorous, superset workouts. If you're working on a specific muscle group that day—biceps, say—expect to do three back-to-back exercises with no breaks and recover for one minute in between sets. An example of would be: 12 bicep curls, 10 bicep pull-ups, and again, 12 bicep curls. Do that five rounds, and you're only 15 percent through your workout at S10. Pack a towel, you'll need it. 

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